Delayre Kennels

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Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA, USA
8710-8714 San Fernando Road Los Angeles California 91352 US

At Delayre Kennels we believe that our Silky Terriers and Wire Haired Terriers  should have not only a sound body, but also have good temperaments and trainability level. Delayre bred, and owned Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers and their progeny have appeared in movie, TV and print media including the Eiger Sanction, Titanic, Jack Frost and Purina ads and have worked as therapy dogs and K9 Ambassadors .

Champion Random Retoric.JPG 4 years ago
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The Frenchpark Fox Terrier kennel was established in 2004 by John Killeen (of Dun Gar Wire Fox Terriers).  Frenchpark strives to breed champion wire and smooth fox terriers that not only meet the breed standard, but also make wonderful pets.  Several of the Frenchpark dogs also have performance event titles as champion earthdogs.

Laguna Niguel, CA, USA 61.88 mi

We have been breeding and raising show dogs since 1978 and they are an important part of our life. Today, however,  as a breeder/exhibitor, I am dedicated to our Wires. I have a special passion for the Gingers and am happy to be part of the Wire community that is striving to make others aware of how far they have progressed. Although we have fewer dogs at one time here, it is still our intention to continue with showing and breeding, but on a much smaller scale.

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